Ready to play

“Thumbs up, let’s do this!” – Leeroy Jenkins

Hey everyone, and welcome to the Fall Semester. I am excited to be in this class, learning more from @michael and @kyle. I’m a born-again gamer who geeks out over reading Henry Jenkins and James Paul Gee.

I have recently discovered, and am playing around with, Mumble and Vent: two voice-chat systems used in online gaming. I’m  having a little difficulty with them, probably due to my computer’s limitations, but hope to find a way (or new ways) to incorporate them into the library realm.

I spent this summer trying to recover from my spring (the semester that must not be named). Thankfully this summer I attended the SLA conference in San Diego, and received a much-needed boost in energy from the experience. Looking forward to getting to know all of you, learning, and having fun.

-James (and yes, the blog name is in reference to both my love of video games, and one of my new favorite books.)


Cline, E. (2011). Ready Player One. New York, NY: Broadway Paperbacks.