All Good Things…

This is a difficult task, wrapping up my internship. It does not seem like that long ago that I started. Perhaps the virtual aspect of it all takes away from the experience. I know I have spent many hours reading through posts from other libraries, librarians, publishers, etc. to find materials to share. However, it does not seem like work at all. Researching policies, diving into all the library online services to test them out & write blurbs for publication… that all seems like it was yesterday.

I recently stated, when wrapping up my ePortfolio, that the whole iSchool experience was the most challenging yet most rewarding experience I have been through in my life. This internship was part of all of that: offering challenges and rewards. I am happy in the choices I made that led me to this particular internship. While–after all the lessons and reflections on personality types, etc.–I feel I could have succeeded at other internships, this one just felt like a natural fit from the start. I hope I can bring everything I have learned from this into my career. I feel I am more prepared to take those scary next steps.


One thought on “All Good Things…

  1. Working on your e-portfolio and internship in the same semester is very challenging. The number of hours you must contribute to the internship is at least known beforehand. But the time spent on the e-portfolios can vary a great deal. Congratulations on completing both successfully. Good luck in the future!

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