Mix-ups, Stalls, The Weather, and Other Hindrances

As can be expected in every work place (especially virtual ones), you’ll come across a stretch of time where things just do not line up. The past couple weeks have been like that. My duties at my internship have been at the minimum amount of effort due to this cold I have been fighting off for weeks, the sleepless nights working on my ePortfolio, my supervisor being out of the office attending to her job duties, and the workload of my job.

That being said, my supervisor has been very understanding and supportive, especially where it comes to the time commitment of the ePort. Now that I have finished, we are ready to get back on track for the final few weeks of the internship. We will be meeting this week to discuss our collaboration on a journal article and for succession planning. I am excited about both of these topics. I have not had the experience of writing for a scholarly journal, so I am a bit frightened. However, I think that comes from a desire to do a good job, so that I will take a positive. For succession planning, I am looking through my old class lists and seeing if there is anyone who has not yet graduated who may be interested in this position. Additionally, since I am the first intern, I wish to develop an outline of basic job duties for future interns, as well as create a quick start guide so they can hit the ground running.


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