Partnering for Success

One of the great things about social media is that it’s, well, social. When you have a chance to cross-promote with another partner, I am realizing the importance of taking advantage of those opportunities.

The OCLS is part of a much larger organization (The University of Maine System), and as such is linked through the parent organization and all of the brothers, sisters, cousins, or however you may look at them. This means of of the University’s campuses, all of the libraries from those campuses, and all of their departments, faculty, etc. For weeks I have been building up the following for OCLS on Facebook, helping re-post articles and photos from other pages. The great thing is that this is not without reciprocation. The Universities put out e-newsletters, and the OCLS (as well as other services, departments, etc.) is given a small amount of space to “advertise” our services. So for the past couple weeks I have been creating little blurbs about our services for these publications.

It seems like such a small task to write 4 or 5 lines about such things as how to reach us for questions, using RefWorks, or how to narrow down a search. However, as I’ve seen with our Facebook posts, so much has to be crammed into such a short space in order to grab and hold the attention of the viewers. I hope my efforts prove to be a benefit to the OCLS. I just wish there was a way to track how many people will be reached through these blurbs.


One thought on “Partnering for Success

  1. You bring up an important point. How can our social media efforts be measured? The old statistics on followers or likes or retweets is part of the picture, but that just means someone has noticed you, not that they are motivated to do anything else but pass the message along. We need better ways of measuring success of social media strategies.

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