Notes from Internet Librarian

unifyingUXThis last week I had the opportunity to attend the Internet Librarian conference in Monterey. It was a great opportunity for networking and to absorb a lot of new ideas about the field I am studying. I also took this as an opportunity to gather information that could prove useful in my internship. While there were no sessions that seemed to specifically address my needs (there were sessions on using Twitter and for building better websites), I was able to find some interesting topics. Here is a list of sessions I attended:

  • Evolving Libraries Delivering New Experiences
  • Digitizing Local Content
  • Community Management, More than Libraries
  • Getting MOOC’ed: Free Online Training
  • Unifying UX: Consistency with Content
  • Gathering and Presenting User Input
  • Engaging Stories Info Blitz
  • Reaching Users with Mobile Technology
  • Building a 21st Century Library
  • Making Libraries, Making Makers
  • Academic Libraries: Totally Virtual & Hacked

commmgtI try to take in a variety of new experiences at conferences. I was somewhat disappointed at a couple of these sessions sounding less like case-studies and more like product placement. However, from these sessions, the keynote addresses, and networking with colleagues, I am still absorbing information. I think it can be safe to say that libraries that have a good vision of the future and a willingness to adopt technological advances are going to be the ones that see the most success.


One thought on “Notes from Internet Librarian

  1. I’m glad you had an opportunity to attend this conference. The sessions sound interesting and educational. Conferences like this one are so valuable, even with sessions that sound like product placements. I am constantly trying to learn more about products we can use in our program, and in fact, arranged a webinar for a few of us with a company out of the UK yesterday. It was all about their product and services and what they could do for us. We are going to work with them this spring to devise a way for students to use their product next fall. I do know, though, that conference planners have to be careful to ensure that presenters provide information and not advertisements for their products.

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