Some New Tasks

This week my internship supervisor and I had a brief, but productive meeting. After taking a week off from checking in due to my supervisor’s schedule, it was nice to check back in. I have been exploring ways to improve our Facebook posts, however, this week I have been given access to our Twitter analytics, so I am looking into how to improve that. My supervisor and I have decided to look into various key players (publishers, authors, other libraries, innovators, etc) in our field and make sure we are following them on these social networks so that we can repost their information.

Also ahead, I have the opportunity to make up for a presentation that did not happen due to a Skype technical issue. I am looking forward to being able to complete this task. We are also coming up on faculty training at the end of the month. The University College requires faculty who are teaching online to go through this fast track program. In it, faculty will learn a lot about how to use the technology, as well as learn what the OCLS has to offer them. In the past there have been many questions regarding copyright laws in regards to online lessons. I am researching this some more (beyond what has already been provided) to hopefully create a more engaging learning program on the subject matter.

Also looking forward to Library 2.014 this week. I will hopefully be able to attend some of these presentations live; however there are a few relevant ones that I may have to listen to recordings of after the fact. I plan on reporting back to my supervisor regarding any information that may benefit our OCLS services (I believe the presentation about bridging library services between high school and college students will be worth while).


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