Reshaping How I Use Social Media

So we got through our Banned Books Week promotion. Social Media is an interesting little creature. If you’re not using it correctly, it can either be a huge waste of time, or it can come back and bite you. However, through my virtual internship, I am learning the little parts about how to use it in a professional manner.

Now most of my personal posts, tweets, etc. usually do not cross the line into the controversial or offensive. I may have had a few transgressions back in the day, but as I am reinventing myself into a professional, I give a great deal of thought to my social media dealings. Posting for an organization that I work for is not entirely new (I’ve done a few posts for previous restaurant jobs); however, I am seeing some new ways to go about what I do. I have started off a bit slowly, perhaps a bit boring and safe at first. Gradually, I have been reading up on techniques to build post reach. Leading off posts with “Check out…” (which is also a nice play on words for us library folk), or “Tell us what you think of…” really help to build engagement. Also, I am learning that hashtags are not as frivolous as I once believed, as I found out this weekend:



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