A busy week

After planning projects to cover the next few weeks, the nervousness sets in.

After another delay in launching our social media giveaway promotion, we are finally set to start. Understandable changes in wording had to be made to make everything clear, and to be able to include as many people as possible (or rather, to exclude as few people as possible) from the potential prize-winner pool.

As I mentioned in last post, also launching in coordination with Banned Books Week will be our staff, faculty, and student profiles. The first of these profiles will be the OCLS Social Media Intern. That’s right, yours truly will be featured on our Facebook page giving a brief review of what the frequently banned Of Mice and Men means to me.

I just finished a Sunday Skype session with the site supervisor to touch base on my live (eep!) presentation I will be giving tomorrow. I will be discussing peer-reviewed articles versus regular magazine articles, how to find these articles, and why they are important. I am also looking forward to inserting the term “research ninja” into this presentation.

Once I get past Monday, I will be focusing on more Facebook and Twitter content, mostly posting profiles and Banned Books Week articles. The site supervisor is attending meetings this week, so there will be no check in, so this should give me time to hone my posting skills in anticipation of my next project.


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