Gaining momentum

I had another amazing meeting with my site supervisor on Thursday. As is becoming standard practice for us, we discuss where I am with current projects and then plan ahead for future projects. Currently, the Facebook Promotion scheduled to launch on Monday (having to get some clarifications before we publish our Official Rules). And there are exciting things on the horizon:

  • Student/Staff/Faculty profiles. Working on a set of questions to give a face to the people who work at/use the library.
  • Banned Books Week promo. Tying in with the profiles, we are planning to feature faculty and staff briefly sharing their favorite banned books on our social media sites.
  • Student Orientation. The site supervisor does several outreach orientation sessions to introduce students to the OCLS services. I will (hopefully) be presenting a brief tutorial on peer-reviewed journals to a group of students from an English class.
  • Strategic Planning. Following a staff meeting, my site supervisor asked for some insight on the department’s Strategic Planning. Most of this is in regard to the wording and definition of terms, but it is nice to feel included in the process. Potential to present findings during a faculty workshop late in the semester.

A lot of different things on my plate, yet I am very excited to take part in all of this. Hopefully I can maintain this level of enthusiasm throughout the internship.


One thought on “Gaining momentum

  1. It’s wonderful to hear meetings with site supervisors described as “amazing.” Your site supervisor’s organizational skills are apparent. And it appears you make a good team.

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