Dress for Success

A little over a year ago, I attended the SLA Summer conference in San Diego. This was my first real mingling with library professionals. Thankfully, I took some advice from seasoned conference-goers, and dressed in professional attire. There is something about dressing the part (for a man, that would be suit and tie) that makes you feel like you belong.

Having a virtual internship is a bit odd. There really is nothing preventing me from sitting on my couch in a pair of sweats, eating a bowl of cereal while I attempt to fulfill my job duties. When I discovered my interview would be via Google Hangouts, I decided to dress it up a little. Since it is still Summertime in Southern California, I decided to omit the coat, but still wore a nice shirt and bow tie. Dressed for success I felt confident that I was the right fit for this position.

Dressed for success

Dressed for success

As I’ve started my job duties, I have made it a point to dress up when I sit down to do my work. It feels like I am part of the profession. Having weekly video chat sessions with the site supervisor also keeps me on my game of looking the part. While I still know I have a lot to learn about being an information professional, I know I can at least look the part. And sometimes, that provides just that extra push to get ahead.


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