Virtual Symposium: The Best of…Everyone

The Hyperlinked Library Cat

The Hyperlinked Library Cat

For the Virtual Symposium, I had originally thought about doing a “best of” post. While I feel this class inspired me to tap back into my creative side, as I looked back at my posts I noticed something. That something was that I really learned more from everyone involved in this class. @Michael , @kyle, and everyone else really influenced how this class evolved throughout the semester. You all are some of the most creative, fun, and caring people I’ve encountered.

So for my presentation, I went back through some of the highlights from the semester. Not just from me, but from each of you. I created a Prezi using word clouds created from excerpts from your posts to give us an idea of how we have all particpated in this effort. The link to the Prezi is below (sorry, having technical difficulties today, and couldn’t get the Prezi to show).



3 thoughts on “Virtual Symposium: The Best of…Everyone

  1. I love how your word clouds showed how much we learned this semester. I like the idea of incorporating them to a Prezi. It is amazing how much we learned this semester

  2. I love that the word “REALLY” is prominent in many of the word clouds. It’s like being in a Seth Meyers/Amy Poehler “Weekend Update” sketch.

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